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Kate Walker is a New York Based designer, specializing in graphic design, art direction, photography, illustration, production, and packaging. 
Art Direction 

Design Direction
Prop Styling

I’ve had the joy of working on a few indie films/shows over the past year, with a concentration in Asian American short films. Alongside many incredible artists, DPs, writers and producers, I was able to art direct in an award winning short film, Mandarins, along with a few others. My main responsibilities included storyboarding, creative direction, sourcing props, and designing on set.  

Mandarins - Art Director

This set involved redesigning an entire Chinese Community Center in Washington, DC.  Starting from a huge and empty room, we sourced all props from vintage stores, thrift stores, and Asian grocery stores. Pulling inspiration from film director, Wong Kar-Wai, we transfored the community center into a traditional yet dramatic Chinese funeral. 


Director/Writer: Chelsie Pennello 
Director of Photography: Nathan Colby
Production Designer: An Phuong-Ly

Body Snatchers - Art Director

Sneak peak previews of dark comedy, Body Snatchers! 

Cherry Colored Funk- Art Director

Stay tuned 👀

About Me


Born in California, currently residing in New York. Cat loving, book reading, art loving, food loving. After studying Neuroscience and Art & Design at the University of Michigan, I decided to pivot to all things art. My inspirations include the outdoors, good fiction books, film/tv (of any kind), and conversations from great people around me .


Email: katewalkerdesigns@gmail.com
Instagram: @katewalkerrr